HHS Department Chair Launches National Blended Learning Blog

Anne Pasco, Department Chair of Blended Learning and Educational Technology at Huntley High School, has a lot to say about the tall task her team took on in launching the District’s Blended Learning Initiative.


Anne Pasco

The program has grown exponentially since its inception in 2011, and today more than one-third of HHS students are enrolled in at least one blended course.

Data show that those students are achieving at levels equal to or higher than those in traditional classes.

She is now sharing the lessons learned from those successes with other educators throughout the country through a blog launched in partnership with Haiku Learning, the company that provides the learning management software used in the Blended Program.

“Now, more and more students are doing college curriculum (AP) in high school, pushing their athletic and leadership limits for scholarships, and working part-time jobs outside of school,” Pasco wrote in her first post, published December 11. “Plus, they need to be prepared for jobs they (nor we) can’t really describe, yet we need to train and prepare them for those jobs!”

In the monthly blog, Pasco will focus on one subject and discuss how blended learning has transformed the learning environment at HHS.

The first post focuses on how the desire for authentic learning helped drive the formation of another innovative HHS program, the Medical Academy.

Keep up with Pasco’s Lessons in Blended Learning at www.haikulearning.com/blog.