Black History Month

Throughout the winter, Huntley Community School District 158 has participated in activities celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans, examining race in our society, and encouraging conversations about the culture in our schools.

Below is a diagram of some of these activities:


Community Group
On January 30 Huntley 158 hosted and participated in Continuing the Conversation, a local group focused on facilitating conversations about race in our community, for a screening of the film Racial Taboo and followup dialogue on the film.
 Black History Month
Throughout the month, signage celebrating Black History Month has been displayed in all schools.
Elementary Schools have incorporated lessons on the contributions of African Americans in the social studies and literacy curricula, as well as lessons on inclusivity and acceptance in social-emotional lessons.
Middle schools and high schools will convene their respective principal advisory groups, composed of representatives of the student body, to have a discussion on school culture and explore potential future programming around the topic of race in schools.
A school climate survey provided by Teaching Tolerance will be distributed to middle and high school students to gather data on and start conversations about racial issues within schools.
Ongoing work by the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group to develop meaningful professional development for all staff around the issues of implicit bias, race, and educational equity.

Partnership with Continuing the Conversation to promote and participate in a follow-up film screening and discussion of Racial Taboo to be held at McHenry County College on March 9.