District 158 Alerts

  • Information on Phone Calls with Spoofed Caller ID
    Huntley 158 is aware of spam phone calls being made to residents for which the caller ID appears as Huntley School District 158. These “spoofed” calls do not emanate from the District, but rather are illegal telemarketing calls that are … read more
    Huntley 158 - May 19, 2017

The District will send out and post to this page alerts in critical situations, such as emergency weather closures, crisis incidents, and other incidents affecting school operations.

The District uses SwiftReach SwiftK12 to notify parents, students, and staff in emergency situations. SwiftReach Swift K12 is an upgraded version of Alert Solutions. Like Alert Solutions, SwiftReach SwiftK12 integrates with PowerSchool, and users can manage their contact information and contact preferences through the PowerSchool parent portal.

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