Strategic Plan

Huntley Community School District 158 approved a new strategic plan in 2015 after a thorough process involved more than 50 members of the school and local community.

The plan will guide the District’s decision making and operations through 2020, with annual indicators and measures of progress toward the overarching goals to be approved by the Board and reported on by the administration annually.

Huntley 158 Strategic Plan 2020-2025

This document contains an overview, desired outcomes and long-term goals, and mission, vision, and values statements. Short-term goals and indicators will be set on an annual basis. Annual goals are included in the PDF version above and in an interactive online version.

The plan is the result of the yearlong Destination 158 community engagement program held during the 2019-20 school year.

#LetsCollaborate158: Strategic Plan Progress Session

Since the approval and implementation of Huntley 158’s Strategic Plan in the summer of 2020, the goals of our destination school district have been impacted by unforeseen challenges and a global crisis. While we have navigated through the past year and half with the support of all of our stakeholders, we know that these challenges and their long-term impact will shape our educational practices for months or years to come. We invite you to be a part of a series of community engagement sessions, which will aim to monitor the progress of our Strategic Plan goals and action steps, while providing a forum for thoughtful, relevant and fruitful discussions on the topics that inform our daily goals and long-term vision in Huntley 158.

If you are interested in attending any one of these sessions, please fill out this form to confirm your interest in participating.

Huntley 158 Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Previous Annual Measures and Indicators