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Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the District 158 Extracurricular Theatre Program!

Our goal is to create and maintain a quality extracurricular theatre program that provides an outlet for students to discover and showcase their individual talents and find success, as well as provide opportunities for those who are passionate about the performing arts and want to get involved. Whether onstage, offstage, or behind the scenes, experienced or new to the theatre program, we have a place for ALL students!

By participating in the D158 Extracurricular Theatre Program, students learn many skills that can transfer into nearly every job market; life skills such as time management, group dynamics, public speaking and work ethics geared toward project completion; skills that students will use for the rest of their lives.

However, just as in all extracurricular activities, success comes through continued hard work and dedication. Simply put, there is a substantial time commitment that is expected from cast and crew members. Students will be investing a lot of time and energy into the program. Just as sports teams must dedicate long hours to win championships, we, too, must practice long hours to produce quality shows.

Two types of production opportunities are available for HHS students:

Mainstage productions are those that are performed on the stage in the Huntley District 158 Performing Arts Center (PAC) and include the All School Play and the All School Musical. Auditions for mainstage productions or to work as a Tech Crew member on these shows (set, lighting, sound, costumes, and more) are open to ALL high school students.

Although the Thespian Show is considered a main stage production and all high school students are eligible to work as a crew member, auditions are limited to those who are currently inducted members of Huntley High School’s Thespian Troupe 6147.

Spotlight productions are those that are produced on a smaller scale and are geared toward smaller groups. These productions include, but are not limited to, a One-Act Plays Festival, Contest Theatre, and Group Interpretation. Spotlight productions are typically held in a more intimate setting at HHS or are staged for competition.

Students do not have to be enrolled in theatre or chorus classes, or a member of the Fine Arts Academy to audition for or work as a crew member for mainstage productions or spotlight productions. Please watch the PAC website for audition dates, cast list postings, cast and crew information, and other announcements.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask the Director or one of us.

We look forward to a great theatre season!


Mrs. Lorie Woods                                                       Mr. Nathan Knapke
Director of PAC / BlackBox                                        PAC / BlackBox Technical Director

(847) 659-6107                                                          (847) 659-6155
Email                                                                          Email


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