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Washington Post: Huntley High School among America’s Most Challenging High Schools
Education Week
EdWeek: Huntley 158 among 10 districts in State of Illinois competency-based pilot.
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Associated Press: High school students have one-of-a-kind chance to be hospital residents.
CNN: Huntley High School’s blended learning allows flexible schedules for students.
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Huntley High School Named to Getting Smart’s 2017 “100 Schools Worth Visiting” list.

Huntley 158 has become recognized at the state and national levels for being a leader in 21st Century Education. Primary among the drivers of innovation in our schools has been the District’s Always Initiative, an umbrella concept focused on developing programs throughout the District that break down the barriers of the traditional school day.

Under that philosophy, the District’s has launched a pioneering 1:1 initiative, recognized as the largest district-wide rollout of personalized learning devices in the State of Illinois, and Huntley High School’s unparalleled Blended Learning Program.

Out of those programs have grown a number of distinctive opportunities for Huntley 158 students, including an only-of-its kind partnership with Centegra Health System. Through the HHS Medical Academy, 30 senior Medical Academy can participate in the Youth Residency Program, offering them the opportunity to receive intensive job shadowing and mentorship with healthcare professionals throughout the Centegra system.

In 2017, Huntley 158 was selected as one of 10 school districts in Illinois to participate in the state’s competency-based education pilot program. Each school district chosen to participate in the pilot will create a competency-based learning and credit system of the district’s design. In competency-based learning, educators assess and advance students based on demonstrated mastery of specific skills, abilities, and knowledge, rather than on time in the classroom.

Competency-based learning allows for a potentially more relevant and personalized learning experience for students, in addition to deeper integration of technology and better utilization of teacher talent. Huntley 158 currently is in planning stages of its competency-based learning program.

Innovation in Education Days

To meet growing demand from education professionals to visit and learn about our programs, the District has begun to offer a full day of professional development for administrators, school business officers, and educators regarding innovative solutions on issues facing educational institutions.

Our Innovation in Education Days offer a full day of sessions, networking/Q&A, and classroom visits. Each day will begin with a keynote presentation on innovation from a panel of district administrators and will follow with discussions, sessions, and site visits related to your purpose for attending.

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