District 158 Transportation

Transportation supports a vital need for the District. The Illinois Department of Transportation has determined that all of our campuses qualify for state subsidized bussing. The greatly reduced local cost for transportation allows us to provide bus service for all of our students. In addition to reimbursed regular, special education and vocational transportation, we provide service for elective summer school, sports trips and extracurricular activities for a commensurate fee. Annually, our buses record over 700,000 miles of student transportation. Our commitment is to provide this service as safely, efficiently and professionally as possible.


District 158 has connected our routing software to E-Link which allows parents access to their child’s bus route information through a secure site using a unique and confidential password. This confidential password will remain with him or her throughout their educational years with District 158.

Please remember the password/log-in used last year for your student is the same password/log-in to be used this year.  You will need this for fall bus routing information.  If you cannot locate this information or have any questions or concerns regarding the E-Link system, please contact the Transportation Department at (847) 659-3000 or via email

For the safety and security of all students, E-Link information will not be provided over the telephone. We appreciate your understanding.

E-Link (click to log in)

Bus routes for the 2014-2015 school year will be posted on July 31, 2014Requests for changes to bus stops or routes will not be accepted after August 14

PLEASE NOTE:  As last minute changes may be necessary, parents are asked to double-check all bus route information again the week before school starts.

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