Blended and Online Classes

How does Blended Work?

  • The first day all students will attend
  • Students will work out an attendance schedule with the instructor on Day 1.
  • Students MAY attend all 5 days
  • Students MAY come to the Hub to work on their blended (online) days
  • The online portion of the class is kept on PowerSchool Learning and parents will receive access through parental accounts

How do online classes work? (NO ONLINE COURSES RUNNING SUMMER 2020)

  • The majority of the course work will be completed online.
  • Students will come to class the first day.
  • Students will take their final exam in person on the last day of the class.
  • The teacher will have set office hours when they will be at school in case students have questions or would like extra help.
  • If a student is receiving a failing grade, they will be required to meet with the teacher during office hours until their grade is passing.
  • The teacher may also require additional in class days depending on the nature of the curriculum. These days will be advertised prior to the beginning of the course.