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Update: Please visit the “Meetings” page to view information presented at our February 17 Vision Retreat.

Since the District adopted its current strategic plan in 2011, much has changed, and mostly for the positive. Not only have we made excellent progress toward the vision and goals set forth in the plan, but there have been seismic shifts in education at both the district and national levels. Thus, while the current plan was set to guide us through 2016, we have decided to start the process of setting a new strategic plan a year early.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the previous planning process, which was very successful. Thanks to the commitment and visionary guidance of the team, which included members of the District’s administration, teachers, students, and parents as well as partners from the local and business communities, we set goals that challenged us and led us to reach new levels of excellence in all facets of our operations. The process was so successful that we will follow a very similar process this time.

Click here to view our current plan and see the progress we’ve made toward our yearly goals.

Just think: At the time our last planning effort, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards were not yet implemented nationally. Today those standards are key guides to how not only we but schools across the country design their curricula.

Closer to home, our pioneering 1:1 Initiative and Blended Learning Program were in their infancy. Today, all of our students in grades k-7 are equipped with individual learning devices, and more than 1,000 Huntley High School students are enrolled in at least one blended course.

We also were facing a huge task in developing a plan to accommodate the rising population of students at Huntley High School. We saw the future—enrollments approaching 3,000 students—and successfully implemented a plan to add on to our school not only to house students but also to provide them with top-notch learning environments. Work on the construction continues to progress on time and well within our budget.

That’s all to say: it’s time to look ahead again.

What might the next five years look like for the District? Given the changes we’ve witnessed in the recent past, that’s a tall task to envision. That’s why we’ve again assembled a group of committed volunteers from a diverse cross-section of our community to help us build off of our previous goals and set a course to help us navigate the future.

We will keep the group and the community informed on these pages as the process progresses. Check in for regular updates, and thank you for your support of our schools!