New Traffic Flow at Marlowe

Over the past few months, Huntley Community School District 158 has been reviewing the traffic pattern at Marlowe Middle School After having a traffic engineer collect data and submit recommendations for more efficiency and safer procedures, we have decided to introduce a new traffic pattern at Marlowe beginning immediately.

You will notice that bus traffic flow will remain the same, while student drop-off/pick-up traffic will now flow in the opposite direction. This new traffic pattern should result in less cross-traffic situations that lead to congestion at the main entrance. Also, this will allow for more vehicles to drop off/pick up along the front sidewalk with students exiting/entering vehicles on the building side.

To assist with establishing this new traffic pattern, please be aware that additional staff directing traffic, new signs, and fencing. The administration at Marlowe Middle School appreciates your patience as we work toward creating a traffic pattern that is efficient and safe for all of those involved.

MMS new traffic flow