Marlowe Exterior

Henry Marlowe Middle School is home to approximately 1,400 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 from the Huntley and Lake in the Hills area. The school opened in August of 2005 and completed an addition to accommodate the dramatic population growth prior to the 2007-2008 school year.

Henry Marlowe
Henry Marlowe

The school was named after Henry Marlowe, who was known as the “Father of Agriculture” in the Huntley area.  Mr. Marlowe was a former teacher and the founder of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) in District 158.  He was also a prominent businessman in the community, running the Marlowe Feed Mill for many years.  He brought many great experiences to the students, staff and community of Huntley, and we are very proud to have our Middle School named in his honor.

Currently, the staff at Marlowe Middle School consists of three administrators, 100 certified teachers, three counselors, two social worker, school psychologists, two school nurses and over twenty support staff including administrative assistants, teacher aides, custodial services and cafeteria personnel.

The Middle School Philosophy is a huge part of the climate and culture of Marlowe Middle School.  Our students are arranged on at least three teams per grade level where they receive instruction from five core teachers and one special education teacher.  They also have an advisory period with one of our certified staff members,  and the option to take band and/or chorus daily.

Students receive three quarters of PE each year and one quarter of Health.  They also take four different nine-week exploratory classes throughout the school year that may include Art, Art and Design, Computers, Technology Lab, Foods and Nutrition, Creative Communications and Spanish.  Freshman level Spanish and Chinese in a year long course is available to eighth graders who qualify.

We have a welcoming staff and students centered building who all enjoy working with our wonderful students.

Mission Statement

We challenge and motivate our students to become successful life-long learners.