Kindergarten Registration Information for 2014-15

Registration Requirements:

Child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2014

Unless eligible for rights under the McKinney-Vento Act for homeless students, the following documents are required to enroll/register your student:

1.   Official Birth Certificate - NOT A HOSPITAL CERTIFICATE
      (Available from office in county where child was born)

2.  Proof of Residency:

Category I

Category II

Please provide the following:

  • HUD Settlement Statement or
  • Real estate tax bill*
Please provide all of the following:

  • Current signed lease agreement; and
  • Proof of current month’s rent payment; and
  • Utility bill in your name (water, natural gas or electric) or a driver’s license with current address


* Access and print your Real Estate Tax bill for McHenry County or Kane County         

**Parents who do not provide this information cannot register their child for kindergarten.**


3.  Two emergency contact names and phone numbers (other than parents)

4.  Parent’s work and alternate phone numbers

5.  Proof of guardianship (if child is not living with birth parents)

6.  Illinois Certificate of Physical Health Exam form (must be submitted before child can start school)*    

7.  Vision Exam form (must be submitted by October 15, 2014) *

8.  Dental Exam form (must be submitted by May, 2015) *

*First Day Exclusion Policy

It is a requirement that all children entering Kindergarten have a physical exam form on file with their school prior to the first day of school.  If the child’s physical is not submitted prior to the first day, the child will not be allowed to begin school. A completed Vision Exam form and Dental Exam form must be submitted by the appropriate due dates as listed above.

Prior to submitting your child’s completed medical forms, parents are advised to make a photocopy for their records as copies will not be made at the schools or District Office.


If you have any questions, please contact the District 158 Registration Office
at (847) 659-6147 or by email at