UPDATED Attendance Procedures/Reminders



If your child is to be absent from school, you are required to call the school absentee line at 847-659-4311 before 9:00 a.m. and report the absence each day.

School policy requires a Doctor written excuse for any student who is absent from school due to illness in excess of 4 days per quarter.  It is recommended that you also get a Doctor’s note for all doctor/dentist appointments that you have throughout the school year and turn them into the office.  During this time you may scan or take a picture of the Dr. note and e-mail to bbarr@district158.org or fax 847-659-4320 or drop off the notes in a light blue box located inside our front door.

For students who are late or miss a zoom call because of difficulties logging in, please have your student e-mail their teacher immediately when the problem occurs. 

For planned absences, such as family vacations during the school year, parents should notify the academic team and the office in writing.