Heineman Family Newsletter – Upcoming March Events

Heineman Hawks
Mr. James Litchfield – Principal
Mr. Adam Chorba & Mrs. Kathryn Romero – Assistant Principals

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Heineman Middle School families,
Is is possible that spring may be around the corner?!  Our track seasons begin with informational meetings this week, so our fingers are crossed that better weather is here soon!  This second edition of the Heineman Family Newsletter includes March events.

8th Grade Girls Basketball Makes History!

The 8th grade girls basketball team finished ANOTHER undefeated season, accomplishing the following during two years at Heineman Middle School:
2018: FVC 7th Grade Girls Basketball Conference Champs, FVC 7th Grade Girls Basketball Conference Tournament Champs, Undefeated season (A and B games)
2019: FVC 8th Grade Girls Basketball Conference Champs, FVC 8th Grade Girls Basketball Conference Tournament Champs, Undefeated season  (A and B games)
They are the first girls basketball team to go back-to-back and repeat from 7th to 8th in HMS history!  Congratulations girls and coaches; WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!


6th Grade News

In 6-1 literacy classes, students recently finished their Young Author books. They were amazing! Such a talented group of writers! Our classes have been reading various novels by Jerry Spinelli as well as learning about Black History month, the Underground Railroad, and an interesting article about the famous escape of Alcatraz prison.  Team  6-2 literacy classed have been busy learning about Greek mythology, and reading either The Sea of Monsters or The Lost Hero, both by Rick Riordan. We love tying in social studies material in literacy class! We are performing parts of “The Iliad,” and will soon be the authors of our own Greek myth! Look for information about our published class books coming home soon! 

In math class, we just wrapped up our topic with simple equations and inequalities and are starting a new topic on two-variable relationships. Following that, we will be working with ratios, rates, and proportions. In Accelerated 1, we are diving into some really fun math in using properties to simplify expressions before learning to solve multi-step algebraic equations!  In Accelerated 2, we continue to work with equations and are almost ready to make the connection to these equations being linear functions and what that means!  Students in some classes completed the first round of “Show Me” projects showed really creative ways to demonstrate their knowledge on commutative property! Others completed projects involving percents.  We look forward to additional projects coming in the near future. 

Science classes are wrapping up the States of Matter unit with our “Show Me” projects. Students were able to choose a key idea from the unit and how they would like to “SHOW” their teachers and classmates their newly gained knowledge.  We will kick off our Chemical Reactions Unit with Elephant Toothpaste along with many more hands-on labs throughout the month of March.  In Social Studies, we are currently working on our Ancient Greece unit.  The students are divided into city-states and competing against each other to earn points for their city-state or polis.  We will also compete in the sixth grade version of the Greek Olympics towards the end of the month.  Get your togas ready!  More information will be sent home as the date gets closer.


7th Grade News

In the upcoming month in Science, 7th grade students will be testing the bird beaks that they designed and built in February. We will also be learning about how different forces affect the shape of the earth that will culminate in a “Design Your Own National Park” project that will be presented to students from Mackeben Elementary.  In Math, Digits students are currently working on inequalities, everything to do with circles, while their accelerated students are learning about angles, angles, angles.  Accelerated 7 students will be focused on congruence and similarity with a great project to look forward to!  Algebra students will be taking on the challenge of radicals.

One of the most enjoyable parts of our history classes are the current events we share every week.  Be sure to ask your young adults what’s going on in our world and how they feel about it.  Those discussions at home will advance their knowledge of the world.  Plus, knowing your viewpoints help them to create their own!  After an exciting passage of time through the western reaches of America, including the Donner Party and California Gold Rush, our seventh graders will start their next journey into the Industrial Revolution and the massive growth of mechanized machinery and technology.  They’ll be able to compare the speed at which invention developed then with how it evolves now!  Spring break is just around the corner!  If you go out of town, have your student find out one interesting historical fact about your destination!

In Literacy, we are exploring the 1960’s with the classic American novel, The Outsiders.  Look out for the Greasers and the Socs in your house as we celebrate with a movie viewing at the end of the book.  If you have fond memories of this novel, please feel free to share that with your student.


8th Grade News

In science classes, students are exploring and investigating how Earth processes and people can affect populations of organisms. Students were also able to reflect on high school course selection prep by listening to a speaker from our McHenry County Schools Environmental Education Program. We explored Green Careers during our presentations and were able to see how most future careers can be connected to helping improve our planet in some way.
Social studies students are finishing their units on World War II. The field trips to the Illinois Holocaust Museum were focal points of this unit. Students got to see real artifacts from the Holocaust, and docents emphasized to our students the importance of being aware and being upstanders when we see intolerance and hate in our world. Additionally, both teams had the opportunity to hear survivor stories, which is always a high point of the field trip.
Literacy scholars are reading and discussing books from our “In Time of War” units, which explore how people respond to war and conflicts. Topics range from the Holocaust to the Cold War to the more recent Syria bombings. Each book gives a unique perspective of how war impacts much more than the geographical landscape or economics of a country.


Monday March 11th  – Friday March 22nd, 2019

Hanging Around Portable Climbing Walls will be erecting six climbing walls in our gym.  They will provide all necessary safety equipment and instruction. Classes will be climbing the wall every third day for two weeks. The days students are not climbing they will participate in normal P.E. activities. Health classes will also have the option to climb on Friday March 22nd.


THURSDAY, MARCH 14th (5:00 pm – 7:30 pm)

All HMS students and family members are welcome to climb

$5 per child (unlimited climbs) and parents climb for FREE

Music Department News

All the Bands, Choirs and Orchestras had awesome Winter Concerts! Check out our Facebook videos https://m.facebook.com/Heinemanmusic158/

The Jazz Band and Honors Choir had a great turn out for their performance at the Huntley Chamber of Commerce Expo on March 2nd. Both groups sounded wonderful!
Solo/Ensemble registration is now open.  More details: http://www.heinemanmusic.com/
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the All Band Festival on March 16. Click here for more info and to register http://www.heinemanmusic.com/all-band-festival.html


Counselors Welcome Students to Naviance

6th graders to be exposed to this throughout the month of March during advisory. 7th and 8th grade will be exposed throughout the month of April.  What is Naviance?  Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.  Naviance is used at Huntley High School to pursue career exploration, college search and applications, and communication for students in all areas of career / college readiness and planning.  What is Career Exploration?  Connecting students’ interests to their potential career paths early ensures active participation in their own academic success and opens their eyes to the wide world of career opportunities. The career planning tools in Naviance allow students to understand how their strengths, goals, skills, and interests can lead to exciting careers.


School-Wide Service Learning through Adivsory

Did you know that 2 out of 3 low-income children have no books of their own?

Your books can help!!!

Heineman Middle School

Book Drive

February 20th to March 22nd

GOAL: 300 books

All books collected will be donated to the Huntley Food Pantry

Incoming 6th Grader News

If you have an incoming 6th grader for 2019-2020, check out the information that is already known in one location called “The Hawks Nest.”  Please share this link with other families who have current 5th grade students headed to HMS next year.

Cell Phones and Teenagers: Finding a Balance

HMS staff has gone away from viewing cell phones as an educational device that can be used in the classroom.  Student phones are allowed to be used prior to 7:25am and during the lunch periods.  However, they should be off and away during class periods and NEVER brought to the private setting of bathrooms or locker rooms.  If you need to reach your child for an emergency during the school day, please call the main office (847) 659-4300 and we can get the message to your child.  If s/he is sick and texting you, please encourage your child to report immediately to the nurse so that she can assist your child and call home.

LITH Teen Safety Series Information

Have a wonderful March as we all eye up Spring Break ahead!  – Heineman Administration