HEINEMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES

ART CLUB Sandra Vitucci Fall and Spring session
FOODS CLUB Sandy Curran Fall and Spring session
SERVICE CLUB Lisa Franklin All year meets 1 Wednesday a month
ECOLOGY CLUB Lisa Franklin,Pam Jorgensen All year meets 1 Monday a month
NEWSPAPER Beverly Smith, Silvana Cantagallo All year meets once a week
ACADEMIC TEAM Becky Sisler January, February, and March
SCHOOL MUSICAL Emily Moore,Pam Jorgensen Beginning of school year
SCHOOL PLAY Beverly Smith, Karen Zeis October, November, December
SPANISH CLUB Lynn Petryniec
STUDENT COUNCIL Beverly Smith, Madison Thennisch All year meets once a month
YEARBOOK Rob Baser All year meets when needed
CHOIR Emily Moore Performances throughout the year
BAND / ORCHESTRA Pam Jorgensen Performances throughout the year