Frequently Asked Questions About Home Schooling

What if I was home schooled for all or part of high school?

Students who were home schooled for any part of high school (grades nine through 12) must now register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse.  The clearinghouse will process all home-school certifications.  There will no longer be the need for institutions to file initial-eligibility waivers for students who have been home schooled.

When did this change take place? 

Home-schooled students who plan to enroll in a Division I or II institution in fall 2004 or after must register with the clearinghouse.  

How does a home-schooled student register with the clearinghouse?  What documents are required?

Home-schooled students should register with the clearinghouse by visiting the clearinghouse Web site at  Click on "Domestic Student Release Form" and follow the prompts.  

After registering, the home-schooled student must send the following information to the clearinghouse:  

When should a home-schooled student register with the clearinghouse?

It is best to register after completion of his or her junior year.

Some coaches who are recruiting me are afraid that I won't get approved as a qualifier. What can I do to assure them I am taking all the right courses? 

You will want to work with your parents or home-school instructor to ensure that you are indeed taking the required number of core courses in the appropriate subject matters. You may want to consider providing the coach a copy of your home-school transcript and ACT/SAT test score.

What courses may be used to meet the core-course requirements? 

In Division I, only courses completed in grades nine through 12 may be considered core courses.  In Division II, a student may use all core courses completed prior to initial, full-time collegiate enrollment to meet the core-curriculum requirements (including a core course completed during summer school after grade 12). A college course taken during high school by a home-schooled student may be used to meet the core-course requirements, provided the course is placed on the home-school transcript, would be accepted for any other student and meets all requirements to be considered a core course. [Note: Courses completed during eighth grade and credits awarded through credit-by-exam may not be used to meet the core-course requirements.]