Final Exam Schedules for 2020-21

Final Exam Information

  • Exam Periods are 85 minutes in length.
  • All students take exams, however any outstanding detentions must be served before a student is allowed to take exams.
  • Students do not need to be called out of study halls or advisories for attendance purposes.  Those classes will not meet on final exam days.
  • Breakfast served all three days.
  • No lunch served.
  • Busses will run after the last exam of the day is complete.
  • Students may not leave early from their last exam.
  • For semester 1 exams, students missing exams on the last day must make arrangements with the appropriate teacher(s) to take missed exams the first week of semester 2 .  Students may not take exams early.
  • For semester 2 exams, students missing exams on the last day must make arrangements with the appropriate teacher(s) to take missed exams on the make up days,  TBD.  Students may not take exams early.

Semester 1 Exams:

Due to remote learning for the majority of the semester, Huntley High School will not hold final exams for semester 1.  The final three days of the semester, December 16, 17 and 18, will be run on the regular bell schedule.

Although we are not having comprehensive exams that count as 20% of a student’s grade, teachers may still give summative assessments which are more comprehensive in nature.  However, those assessments would count equally with other assessments given throughout the semester.

Semester 2 Schedule:

These dates are set based on the use of 5 snow/cold days.  For every snow/cold day not used, the schedule will be moved up one day.  Final exams could be as early as May 26, 27 and 28. Please plan vacations accordingly.  Students may not take exams early and will need to make them up on the summer make-up dates.

Thursday, June 3

  • Period 1:  7:30 am – 8:55 am
  • Period 3:  9:05 am – 10:30 am
  • Period 5:  10:40 am – 12:05 pm

Friday, June 4

  • Period 8:  7:30 am – 8:55 am
  • Period 7:  9:05 am – 10:30 am
  • Period 6:  10:40 am – 12:05 pm

Monday, June 7

  • Period 2:  7:30 am – 8:55 am
  • Period 4:  9:05 am – 10:30 am

Senior Final Exam Exemption for Semester 2:

Seniors may be exempt from final exams during second semester assuming the student meets the following benchmarks per class.

Be Respectful:

  • No ISI incidents
  • No OSS incidents

Be Responsible:

  • Cumulative average is greater than 70%

Be Involved:

  • No unexcused absences
  • 5 or less excused absences
  • 3 or less tardies to the class period during the semester

Any students meeting these benchmarks in a class may be exempt from taking the final exam for that class. Students may choose to take exams even if they meet the exemption benchmarks.