Youth Residency Program

The Youth Residency program provides an only-of-its-kind opportunity for up to 30 HHS seniors in the Medical Academy to serve a residency in Northwestern Medicine Health System facilities.

Modeled after medical school residency programs, it provides students with intensive job shadowing and mentorship with healthcare professionals at the new Northwestern Medicine Hospital-Huntley and other clinical locations.


Students receive a minimum of 2.5 hours of experience per week for the duration of the program. The hours will be accommodated outside the traditional school day, and the academic component of the class, including reflections and discussions on students’ hands-on experiences, will be delivered in a blended format.

Additional opportunities for volunteering or shadowing also will be offered, if available.


While historically some high schools have been able to provide select students some level of in-person experience in healthcare, the combination of Huntley High School’s nationally recognized blended learning program and its groundbreaking partnership with Northwestern Medicine Health System has enabled the school to offer what it believes to be an only-of-its-kind experience.

By offering the class in blended format, students are able to meet some state-mandated “seat time” hours through online work. This enables them to leave campus at designated times during the school day as well as complete additional hands-on experiences after school.

The residency format will take students through rigorous rotations in nearly every department of Northwestern Medicine Health System, from radiology to the emergency room.


Northwestern Medicine Hospital-Huntley opened in August 2016 as just the third new hospital to be constructed in Illinois in the past 35 years. The 384,000 square-foot, 128-bed facility offers state-of-the-art technology and a diverse staff of medical professionals to help provide an excellent experience to Medical Academy students.

The partnership behind the Youth Residency Program is mutually beneficial, offering HHS students a one-of-a-kind experience while providing Northwestern Medicine with a possible pipeline of homegrown talent for future positions.