Why Should I Earn a Certificate/Designation?

Why should I earn a Certificate of Completion or Transcript Designation?

One of the points of the Medical Academy is so that you can show that you did something different than other students.  The rest of your life you will be competing with your peers for scholarships, entrance into programs, internships, jobs, promotions, etc.  Taking Medical Academy classes sets you apart but earning a Certificate of Completion or Transcript Designation sets you apart even further.  For example, we had 98 students from the Class of 2016 that were Medical Academy Inducted students and took some Medical Academy classes but we only had 1 earn a Certificate of Completion and 14 earn Transcript Designation.  We understand that you will probably already be accepted into your college by the time you earn the recognition but you are not done applying for things for the rest of your life…this can give you an edge.  In addition, it shows people that you are able to follow through with things.  Everyone can start a project, but very few follow it through all the way to the end…that will be a quality people are looking for in the future.  


Secondly, you will not be eligible for Medical Academy Scholarships unless you earn either a certificate or transcript designation.  


Next, you will not get your name on the plaque in the Medical Academy wing and you will not be eligible for future honors like our Medical Academy Distinguished Alumni.


At Senior awards night only the people that earn either a “Certificate of Completion” or “Transcript Designation” will receive a paper certificate, a medal to wear at graduation, and if we have enough people, we will hold our own awards reception for only Medical Academy Achievements.  


Specifically the Transcript Designation is a higher achievement and it will literally be written on your official high school transcript that you graduated from the Medical Academy.  Otherwise, the medals and certificates are the same, one just says “Certificate of Completion” and the other says “Transcript Designation”.  


So…do it…follow through…the exit presentation isn’t that big of a deal…talk to your Medical Academy Mentor!!!


Certificate of CompletionTranscript
☑ Eligible for Scholarships☑ Eligible for Scholarships
☑ Recorded name on a plaque in the medical academy☑ Recorded name on a plaque in the medical academy
☑ Wear a medal at graduation☑ Wear a medal at graduation
⃞ Recorded on your High School Transcript☑ Recorded on your High School Transcript