Application Process – Steps


There will be one round of applications in the Fall.
Application process documents (the links below) will open (become active) on October 1st.   

Step 1:  Complete the Student Information form by Oct 9th.  

Student Information Form


Step 2:  Have your parents complete the parent form by Oct 16th

Parent Form


Step 3:  Decide which two teachers you would like to fill out the Letter of Recommendation and either email them this form or print this and hand them this form.  Please don’t just ask them, provide them with these instructions.  Please make sure you include your name and ID# without the “s”.  The teacher recommendations are due by Oct 16th so you should tell your teachers by Oct 9th.

Request for Letter of Recommendation 


Step 4:  Answer the Essay Questions by Oct 16th

Essay Questions


Step 5:  Check to make sure everything has been turned in and if not follow up with the teachers or your parents about what still needs to be done.

What has been done?


Step 6After Oct 23rd you will get an email about signing up for your preferred interview time.  You will need to fill that out before Oct 28th.  You cannot miss a class to interview – you must do it during your free time!


Step 7:  Interviews will be held Thurs, Nov 5th and Fri, Nov 6th


Step 8:  You will be notified before Fall Break about acceptance.