Application Process



  • There will be one round of applications in the Spring (April).
  • Application process documents will open March 11th.
  • In order to complete the forms below, you much be logged into your District 158 Google Account.
  • You must complete all parts of the application process in order to be considered for admittance.
  • To check what has been completed so far in the application process click here

Step 1:  Complete the Student Information form by March 20th.

Student Information Form

Step 2:  Have your parents complete the parent form by April 9th.

Parent Form

Step 3:  Decide which two teachers you would like to fill out the Teacher Recommendation and either email them or hand them this form.  Please make sure you include your name and ID# without the “s”.  April 9th

Request for Teacher Recommendation

Step 4:  Answer the Essay Questions by April 9th.

Essay Questions

Step 5:  Check to make sure everything has been turned in and if not follow up with the teachers or your parents about what still needs to be done.

Link to “What has been done”

Step 6:  After April 10th you will get an email about signing up for your preferred interview time.  You will need to fill that out before April 14th.

Step 7:  Interviews will be held the April 17th.

Students who have ALL application forms submitted by the deadlines will be permitted to sign up for an interview time via an email link that will be sent on April 10th. Sign up must be complete by Friday April 10th.  Interviews will be held on Thursday, April 17th. Students are encouraged to dress professionally for their interview. Students will be interviewing in a panel format with 2-3 other students. The interview team will consist of members of the Engineering Academy faculty, High School Administration, District Office Administrators and community members with experience in Engineering.

Step 8:  You will be notified early to mid May about acceptance.