Information About Anonymous Twitter Account

HHS Families,

We want to provide you information about an anonymous social media account that is engaging in bullying and other harmful actions that are disrupting our school. We have been aware of the account and have taken all actions possible to investigate who is responsible for it and get it removed from Twitter. Unfortunately, we have no control over this account, and Twitter has taken no action in response to the numerous reports we have made.

It is important to note that this account has not posted any content indicating a threat of danger or violence at the school or individual students. It has, however, targeted individual students and staff members with derogatory comments and is causing a disruption to the school environment. There is an active law enforcement process being taken in regard to this account, and we hope to have this disruption resolved soon.

About the Account

The “Huntley Confessions” Twitter account is an anonymous presence on Twitter. It encourages students to submit comments through an anonymous form. These comments are then posted to the account’s page. Unfortunately, many of these comments are inappropriate. Many also are derogatory to individual students or staff members. We consider many of them to be bullying.

We have determined that this account is being managed outside of any network controlled by the District. The individual(s) responsible for creating and maintaining this account is in violation of policy and any student(s) found to be involved with it will face disciplinary actions in keeping with our policies.

Our Response

After learning of this account, the District immediately took action to report the account as well as several individual posts as harassment, using Twitter’s official reporting channels. Officials have continued to report the account and individual posts on a daily basis. Thus far, the company has not taken action based on these reports.

In addition, the school has been investigating who is responsible for the account and has involved the assistance of the Huntley Police Department. There is an ongoing legal process being undertaken to bolster the investigation. We take this form of harassment seriously and are taking all appropriate actions to remedy it. Unfortunately, the account and form are being managed outside of the District’s network, and we have no control over it.

To this point, we have been sharing information about our efforts only with those who have raised concerns to us. Out of concern for victims of this account, we have refrained from sharing information on a larger basis. We do not want to lend credence to the account or simply draw more attention to it. However, we have reached a point that we must ask our community for support.

How You Can Help Us

If you have a Twitter account, please visit and report the account for posting abusive or hateful Tweets. Instructions are here: We hope that mass reporting will spur Twitter to take action.

In addition, please speak with your children about the inappropriate and harmful nature of this kind of activity. Please also support those who have been victimized by it and other forms of bullying and harassment. This kind of negativity has no place in our school, which strives to be an open, welcoming, and supportive environment for ALL students.


Marcus J. Belin