Teacher Recognition: Ms. Cassier

Elyssa Cassier, Vanguard Social Science Teacher

Student nomination statement:

“Ms. Cassier is the type of teacher that even though you may not like school she helps make it tolerable. Her ability to put the student first never ceases to amaze. She is always there for you and you can open up to her and talk to her without worry. She has come to me personally and helped me with personal problems and made me feel welcomed and wanted. I have had teachers like Cassier before but none of them have made an effort like how she has. She truly has been one of my better teachers throughout my life. When I was dealing with some bad thoughts she was there, when I needed a little push to do my work she gave me the proper push, and when I felt hopeless and thought there was no end she proved to me it will all be okay. Cassier helps students so much and sometimes doesn’t even realize it. So I just wanted to say thank you.”

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