Coming Together Against Hate

This message was shared with all HHS students by Principal Rowe during the morning announcements.

Good Morning Red Raiders:

On Friday our school was exposed to racist ideological material unlike many of us had ever experienced. Like most of you, it impacted me to my core.  Like most of you I also am angry about the content and situation as it has negatively affected the school which I love.  That being said, I won’t allow this define us as Red Raiders.  

While I don’t believe this is who we are, I do believe how we handle this situation WILL define who we are moving forward.  I am hopeful that we as Red Raiders will come together against hate and not allow this single moment in our time together divide us.  This is a time for us to unify and stand together that this type of thought and action is NOT welcome in OUR house.

Our school should be a place where every student feels welcome to be themselves regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation.  I want our school to be full of Red Raiders where our diversity is celebrated.  We can take this negative situation and turn it into a call to action for us to improve our culture together.  

As a school I pledge to you that we will provide you with learning opportunities so that other cultures are not viewed as foreign but familiar.  We will conduct a full evaluation of our current reality and devise a plan moving forward where students and staff work together to educate and celebrate the diversity in our school. Unified, we can show the world who we truly are, and not how we have been portrayed by a single act of hate.  

Together we can grow from this and lean on one another during the healing process.  Stay tuned as we unveil our plan for learning and connecting as we celebrate our diversity together! If ANY student feels the need to speak with someone to help process through the events of Friday please seek out your counselor or a school social worker.  We are here for you all and want to support you.