Finding Inspiration

I finally found a potential career or job that I could pursue after college.

I had the opportunity to shadow a pathologist and a phlebotomist. The pathologist had a much different personality than all the phlebotomists. He was very quiet and formal when he spoke. He mainly resided in his office or the small laboratory room in which he would dissect organs.

I saw him dissect a human ovary with fallopian tubes, a human cervix, and a pig uterus. Each dissection, he would talk into a microphone explaining everything that he was doing and seeing. He would verbalize the process of determining the cause of a disease into a series of complicated terms.

When he wasn’t dissecting an organ, he would be looking at tissue slides in his office. He has hundreds of slides that show regular and irregular cell development from all different types of tissues. 

After I shadowed the pathologist, I was transferred over with Bob, who now happens to be my favorite person at the hospital. He showed me around the laboratory, explaining what each machine does.

There are several different machines that are used to test different substances in the blood. The phlebotomy lab probably had a total of 10 centrifuges, each ranging in capacity and speed. Not only do they have machines that test the blood but there were machines that tested urine and swab samples. Testing the blood is only half of the process.

Bob took me with him to go draw blood from all the patients the doctors requested. Since there was a STAT patient, we had to draw blood from that patient before we could go anywhere else. It would take too much time to go back down to the lab and then back up to draw blood again, so the blood sample was sent down a chute in order for the other phlebotomists to start testing the blood sample while Bob and I continued to draw blood from the other patients.

I liked how Bob mentioned that he is the Dracula of the hospital, and it is his job to make the patients feel the most comfortable. Nobody likes to get their blood drawn, but he actually makes it fun and less painful.

I was told that the world is in desperate need of more doctors who love their job and wake up every day because they love helping people, not for the money. Bob inspired me to want to help people and make their stay at the hospital as fast and comfortable as possible.