Realizing the Importance of Communication

This week I shadowed a Centegra Primary Care Physician whom I was very excited to shadow because I am thinking of becoming a physician myself. The physician I shadowed was an internist and works for the hospital and her title there is Hospitalist.

When we went into the first patient’s room in the ER, I quickly realized the challenges they face each day. For one, the hospitalist needs to obtain a complete history of the patient’s health, the patient’s family’s health, the patient’s lifestyle and their symptoms. Doing this is not always easy because the patient is not always calm and thus adds to the stress of the situation and the hospitalist is not always able to obtain accurate information from the patient.

Also patients are not in the best mood when they arrive at the hospital (for good reason!) This makes treating the patient more difficult because the patient is less cooperative. As the hospitalist was gathering the patient’s information I noticed that she took notes on the patient’s situation. These notes would later be used when the physician dictates her notes to an audio system which is then used a transcriber who types the notes into the computer for the physician.

I found this to be extremely fascinating and helpful because I was not aware that physicians did this and I found it helpful because they could focus more on patient needs instead of typing their notes into a computer.

The hospitalist is crucial to the care of patients because the physicians are able to research, diagnose, treat and inform patients on their medical condition. I also observed the importance of communication between that of a physician and nurse, and the medical staff as a whole.

The physician consults the patient and then tells the nurse what needs to be done or continued in order to help the patient. If the communication is poor or is not said at all then the patient suffers because they are not getting the care needed.

In all, I learned the role of the CPC- MD in the hospital is crucial as well as the communication between the staff.