My first shift at Centegra was indescribable.

My first shift at Centegra was indescribable.

I was scheduled with respirologist, which I was excited about. I am very involved in my sports activities, and training your lungs to run on the soccer field for 90 minutes is very important, so it was interesting to investigate through an actual professionals eyes.

I was placed with a professional, who was excellent in making sure I was educated upon the treatments and different machines she was using. For the duration of my shadowing, I was brought into several patients’ room where I was taught about machines like a BiPAP and a ventilator.

A BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure) machine is used for patients that suffer from sleep apnea, or to make the rest more comfortable. A ventilator helps a patient that is having a hard time breathing, pump oxygen into the lungs at a specific rate and volume.

On top of the machines, my preceptor demonstrated how to give breathing treatment medicines to the patients. A liquid medicine was prescribed to the patient, and my professional would empty the liquid into a little cup that would vaporize the medicine and the patients would breathe it in.

I met few patients, including two that were sleeping, one that was on a ventilator and intubated, and another that was had been diagnosed with pancreatitis and delirium resulting from alcoholism. It was impactful to see how badly a consumed liquid can affect a person and completely change them; as in this case resulting in hallucinations and refusal of necessary medical treatment. The patient needed a breathing liquid treatment like I discussed before, as well as CPT, chest physical therapy.

The patient would not let the professional perform the CPT. So far, I believe that the first shift at Centegra was excellent. I learned so much about the respiratory system from my professional in that two hour period. Shadowing in hospital definitely gives you a different outlook an ordinary patient would have.