Kristen Czarnecki: My First Experience at the Hospital

My first experience at the hospital was truly an incredible one that I will never forget. I was on the OB (nursery/mother baby) rotation, on Tuesday. After changing into blue scrubs in the clean utility room, since our clothes from home could be contaminated, I went into the nursery area with a nurse.

Coming into the rotation, I had always thought that the nursery was for all babies, the sick and the healthy. But it was only for the sick babies instead, which surprised me. The nurse took me on a “tour” of the nursery and explained to me why each of the babies were in there and separate from their mothers.

The machines in the unit are comprised of the best technology in the area. When I went to watch the nurse feed the baby through the tube, she actually connected the bottle into the pump and the machine did it all by itself. Following the emptying of the bottle, the machine would beep and the nurse would know that the baby was fed all of the food necessary.

After spending an hour in the nursery, I headed over to the mother baby side of the unit and met with many nurses over there. One nurse asked if I wanted to watch a delivery, I responded that I was up for anything! They were worried that I was going to pass out, considering I had never been in that position before with seeing so much blood.

Although the delivery was quick, I was perfectly fine! I saw the baby born and what goes into the delivery process, which I had no idea prior to this. It was not just one nurse and the doctor in the room either, there were so many nurses in there all doing a different task. It certainly showed the importance of teamwork in the delivery room and on the unit.

I think that I can potentially see myself as an OB nurse because I found the job incredible. Everyone seemed to enjoy the job, even though they were all exhausted, considering they were on the end of a twelve hour shift. Seeing a new life come into the world was such an amazing experience, I am very thankful to have had that as my first one and I look forward to my next one on Tuesday!