First Day of School Takeaways

Dear Red Raider Families,

The first day of school is officially in the books and the 2016/2017 school year is underway.  It was great to see all of our kids back in the building sharing their summer experiences, full of energy and ready to kick the year off. The opening of the West addition made traffic flow around the main stairwell and health hallways better than I have ever seen them.  It was great to see relief for the congestion we have all grown accustomed to at that spot.

Our dismissal this afternoon went extremely smoothly, and the campus actually cleared faster than I expected.  I know the morning caused some frustrations and took longer than anticipated.  Our team met after we got everyone into the building to assess how things went and to determine what aspects should be adjusted for tomorrow to help make drop off smoother.  We felt that once students and parents arrived on campus, our plan worked and everyone flowed into the parking lots rather smoothly.  Unfortunately, a larger than normal number of cars approached the stop light at Hemmer and Main within a very short window and traffic became very backed up at that light.  We anticipate that as the days progress, traffic will approach the light within a larger time frame, as we experienced last year.  There will still be backups, but not likely as long as this morning.   

Below I have pasted a link to a Google form through which we invite to you to offer any feedback on the drop off/pick up process in an effort to continually improve our efforts. We appreciate your patience with this process and ask that you please keep in mind that when complete, the benefits of the additional parking lot will far outweigh any discomfort we experience for the next couple of weeks.

Feedback Form


Scott Rowe
Huntley High School