Gifted and Talented

District 158 is committed to the belief that each student is a unique and valuable human being who possesses individual educational needs and abilities. It is the responsibility of the school to not only acknowledge this, but to identify those needs and abilities and then to provide appropriate educational experiences to optimize each child’s individual development. The Gifted and Talented Program is part of the District’s commitment to provide quality services to all students.   

“The surest path to high self-esteem is to be successful at something one perceived would be difficult.” — Dr. Sylvia Rimm


MAP Test taking strategies:

  • Gifted students are used to being the first done on regular paper-pencil test; with MAP they are usually last; it’s okay to be last on this, in fact we encourage gifted students to be the last ones finished.
  • Gifted students are used to being able to skip a hard problem and go back over the problem later; with MAP this is not possible, however the gifted student will still carry this question in their head making it difficult to work on the problem at hand.
  • Gifted students are not used to being challenged on tests and when they face hard questions the reaction may be to STOP or be frustrated.
  • Students at the high end of MAP testing will NOT have as large of gains on consecutive tests.

General Information

* Comprehensive Plan
* Identification Process 

Internet Links

* College-Bound Students
* Helpful Links
* Interactive Learning Games
* Social / Emotional Issues   

Early Entrance

* Early Entry and Grade Acceleration Information
* Early Entrance Parent Questionnaire
* Early Entrance Preschool Teacher Questionnaire  

Parent Information

* Additional Opportunities
* Community Organization for Gifted Children (COGC)
* Saturday Enrichment Programs
* Gifted Learning Links
* NUMATS – Northwestern University Center for Talent Development    

Parent Resources for the Gifted

 * Haiku Learning Link
This site is set up primarily for parents of gifted children, but is also available to educators and students. On the Haiku site you will find valuable websites, videos, a calendar of events, and more to assist you on your parenting journey. 

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