Car Rider Procedures

Parents must have a car rider number to use the drop-off and pickup car rider line. Car rider numbers/tags are provided for students that will be regular car riders. On the occasion when a bus rider needs to be a car rider, parents MUST PARK in the designated parking spaces in the parking lot and come to the main office to sign the child in or out.

If you plan to use the car rider line:

Pickup and Drop-off Times

Session 1    Drop-Off  7:40-7:50 am     Pickup 10:10-10:20 am

Session 2   Drop-Off  10:55-11:05 am  Pickup 1:25-1:35 pm

Pickup and Drop-off Procedures

  1. Register car riders by filling out the Drop-off/Pickup Information and obtain a family number. You will receive a number card to keep in your car and the same number will be placed on your child’s backpack.
  2. When picking up your child, hang the number from the rearview mirror so that it can be seen by the supervisors. In most cases, only one number card per family will be issued. If an authorized person on your list would like to pick up your child curbside, you will need to make sure they have the issued number card.
  3. Students will not be released curbside if a number card is not present in the vehicle. The driver will need to park in the parking lot and come into the building to sign out the student.

Rules for a Safe and Efficient Student Dropoff/Pickup

  • Dropoff takes place in front of the main entrance to the building. Please watch the supervisors and pull up until you are motioned to stop.
  • Students must exit the vehicle only when a supervisor is present and has come to your vehicle.
  • Students will exit on the curbside.
  • Please unbuckle children from their car seat only after your vehicle has come to a complete stop in the dropoff area and a supervisor is approaching the vehicle.
  • All cars should be flowing in a single file line along the curb, no double parking.
  • For safety and courtesy to other students and parents, parents cannot stop their car in the dropoff line and let their children out or get out of their vehicle and walk children to the supervisors.
  • You MUST be in the drop off area and wait in your car until a supervisor comes to your car to escort your child into the building