Erin’s Law

Many states, including Illinois, in the past several years have passed laws with the intent of increasing the awareness of child sexual abuse. You may have heard of this legislation under its more common name, Erin’s Law, in honor of Erin Merryn, a brave young woman who has crossed the country advocating for laws that will increase awareness of this crime against children.

One of the requirements of this law is that schools provide an age-appropriate curriculum to all students relating to sexual abuse prevention, which may include a variety of discussions, activities, videos and role play scenarios. The purpose of the lessons is to provide students tools needed for personal safety and to provide a nurturing and caring environment open for disclosure of any incidents.

Our schools’ social workers work with teachers to present lessons meeting the requirements of Erin’s Law and will be discussing the following concepts:

  • Ways to be safe, such as but not limited to, wearing a bike helmet, asking before petting a dog, crossing the road, and safe and unsafe touches
  • Ask First Rule, for example, asking before going to a friend’s house
  • How to say no and tell a trusted adult

Nationwide, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be the victim of child sexual abuse by the age of 18. Through this program aimed at educating and empowering students, we want to provide your student with the knowledge and skills to use if ever affected by sexual violence.

District 158 believes that all of our students will benefit from participating in this program. For more information about the lessons being presented please refer to the links below:

K-3: Second Step Lessons K-3

4-5: Second Step Lessons 4-5