Center for Learning and Innovation

Welcome to the Center for Learning and Innovation (formerly the Department of Curriculum)! We oversee all elements of learning, instruction, and assessment for Huntley Community School District 158.

Huntley District 158 focuses on a progressive and rigorous curriculum, relevant assessments, and continuous improvement of instruction and student learning. We encourage you to contact the department at any time if you have questions or would like to discuss any of the information you find on our site.

Our Staff

Deeanna DuBrock

Administrative Assistant

District Office

Email Me | (847) 659-6138

Erika Schlichter

Assistant Superintendent, Learning and Innovation

District Office

Email Me | (847) 659-6139

Michelle George

Director of Curriculum (Assessment, Data, Fine Arts, Instructional Technology)

District Office

Email Me | (847) 659-6140

Rocio Del Castillo

Director of Curriculum (Bilingual Education, RTI, Gifted, PBIS, World Languages)

District Office

Email Me | (847) 659-6157

Julia Cloat

Director of Curriculum (Literacy and Social Studies)

District Office

Email Me | (847) 659-6108

Peter Kupfer

Director of Curriculum (Math, Science, PE)

District Office

Email Me | (847) 659-6141