“What should every student know and be able to do?”

District 158 has established a collaborative curriculum environment through the use of curriculum mapping.  Curriculum maps are developed and organized through consensus, and are used as a framework for all district courses.  The maps do not prescribe the entire classroom curriculum, but assure that district students experience equity in their educational experience, no matter what school they attend.

For more information on curriculum mapping, click here: Curriculum Mapping


“How do we know that they know?”

District 158 uses a variety of formative and summative assessment tools to develop achievement expectations across grade levels based on State and National norms.  Data from these assessments are used to inform decision making regarding curriculum and instruction.  Assessment has a “language” of its own.  See the different areas of assessments by grade levels below.

*  Assessments for Grades K-5
Assessments for Grades 6-12
Assessment Schedule for 2014-2015

Curriculum Maps
Curriculum Maps K-5
Curriculum Maps 6-8
Curriculum Maps 9-12


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