Address Lookup

These tools will help you determine which elementary and middle school boundaries a particular address falls in. Please note that these tools are for informational purposes only. You should check with the Registration Office at (847) 659-6147 to confirm your boundaries.


Before you use the lookup tool, please note that the District began phasing in a multi-year boundary change in 2015-2016. Through this process, some students entering kindergarten and third grade beginning in 2015-2016 and for each the next three years, will be moving from Leggee Elementary to a different school, if the home is in an affected area.

Thus, there are two locator tools:

  • For families with a student entering kindergarten or third grade, please use this tool.
  • For other families, please use this tool.

Please note that the address lookup tools will not function in older versions of Internet Explorer. Please use a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox to access the lookup tool.

Please click here for full information about the boundary changes.