Address Lookup

This tool will help you determine which elementary and middle school boundaries a particular address falls in. Please note that this tool is for informational purposes only. You should check with the Registration Office at (847) 659-6147 to confirm your boundaries.

Huntley 158 completed a three-year phase-in of boundary changes from the 2015-16 school year through the 2017-18 school year to with the aim of alleviating overcrowding at Leggee Elementary School.

Beginning in fall 2018, the District implemented a three-year phase-in of new middle school boundaries. Beginning in fall 2018, and for each of the following two years, incoming sixth-grade students will attend the new boundaries.

Students who entered middle school prior to fall 2018 will remain at the middle school they have begun attending. Only incoming sixth-grade students will be assigned a middle school based on the new boundaries.

Questions about the changes may be sent to the Registration Office.

Please note that the locator tool reflects the middle school boundaries for new middle school students beginning in fall 2018. If your student began attending middle school prior to fall 2018, these new boundaries reflected in the tool will not apply.

Click here to use the locator tool.

Full information on the boundary changes can be found here.